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  • Zoology for Degree Students B. Sc. I Year, 1st Edition Zoology for Degree Students B. Sc. I Year, 1st Edition

Zoology for Degree Students B. Sc. I Year

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Author: V K Agarwal

ISBN: 9788121935500

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About the Book

  • This books contains topics of four branches of Zoology , namely, Lower Non-Chordata, Higher Non-Chordata, Cell Biology and Genetics. This textbook is meant for Degree students of all Indian Universities.
  • It has been developed according to UGC Model Curriculum. Certain keynote aspects of this textbook are as follows: > Carefully redrawn diagrams to explain the text. | > Boxed information for those who always want more. | > At the end of each chapter has been provided a wide spectrum of questions such as Long type Answer Questions, Short Type Questions, Very Short Answer Questions, Fill in the Blanks, True and False Questions, MCQ's have also been provided.

Unit – I animal diversity–I (Part–A) Lower nonchordates

Introduction | Protozoa : Characters, Classification and Types | Euglena | Monocystis | Trypanosoma | Paramecium | Locomotion in Protozoa | Nutrition in Protozoa | Reproduction in Protozoa | Protozoa and Diseases | Phylum Porifera Characters, Classification and Types | Leucosolenia | Scypha | Canal System in Sponges | Skeleton of Sponges | Affinities of Sponges | Phylum Cnidaria | Obelia | Aurelia | Polymorphism in Cnidaria | Colony Formation in Cnidaria | Corals and Coral Reefs | Phylum Platyhelminthes | Dugesia tigrina | Fasciola hepatica | Parasitic Adaptations in Platyhelminthes | Phylum Nematoda | Ancylostoma | Ascaris | Parasitic Nematodes of Humans and Plants | Minor Phyla

(Part–B) Higher Nonchordata | Phylum Annelida | Nereis | Hirudinaria granulosa | Metamerism and Coelom in Annelida | Trochophore Larva and its Significance | Phylum Arthropoda | Palaemon | Scorpion | Zoological Importance of Limulus | Economic Importance of Insects | Insect Pest Management | Phylum Mollusca | Pila globosa | Unio | Torsion in Gastropods | Phylum Onychophora and Peripatus | Phylum Echinodermata | Asterias | Phylum Hemichordata | Balanoglossus

Unit – II Cell Biology & Biochemistry

Introduction | Cell Biological Techniques | Prokaryotic Cell and Eukaryotic Cell | Viruses | The Macromolecules of the Cell | Plasma Membrane and Cell wall | Cell Junctions, Cell Adhesion and the Extracellular Matrix | Cell Signalling | Cytoskeletal System and Cellular Movement | Endoplasmic Reticulum | Golgi Apparatus | Lysosomes | Peroxisomes | Ribosomes | Vesicular Traffic in the Secretory and Endocytic Pathway | Nucleus, Nucleopore and Nucleolus | Chromosomes | Cell Cycle and Mechanics of Cell Division | Cell Transformation and Cancer

Unit – III Genetics

Introduction | Laws of Heredity | Dominance, Incomplete Dominance and Codominance | Linkage | Crossing Over | Linkage Maps | Varieties of Gene Expressions : I | Varieties of Gene Expressions : II | Varieties of Gene Expressions : III | The Gene | Sex Chromosomes, Sex Determination and Sex Differentiation | Sex Linkage | Non–Chromosomal Inheritance | Chromosomal Mutation | Human Genetics | Population Genetics and Evolutionary Genetics | Immunogenetics and Genetics of Cancer | Eugenics, Euthenics and Euphenics

Additional Information

ISBN 9788121935500
Author V K Agarwal
Binding Paperback
Shipping Days Ships in 7-8 Days
Language English
Edition 2nd Edition
Publisher S. Chand Publishing
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